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COBIS Primary Games

The Cobis  Games this year brought 17 teams from 12 countries to Stantonbury Campus near Milton Keynes for three days of exhilarating action which saw students compete in swimming, athletics and football events. As a team we had been training very hard for the competition all year and  after are recent success at the Kings Cup we were eager for the competition to begin.
Day 1 saw us compete in swimming against some very tough competition, the most memorable performances from the pool were from Blanca B and Pablo E who both did extremely well in both butterfly and breaststroke. In breaststroke Blanca finished 7th narrowly missing out on the final and in butterfly she finished 10th with a personal best time of 42.91 seconds. Pablo did equally well finishing in the top 10 for both his events. This is a fantastic achievement when you consider that both pupils are young for their age and able to compete in the games again next year.
It was out of the pool and onto the track and field on Day 2 as we took part in sprints, middle-distance running, relay, javelin, long jump and high jump. As a team we did particularly well with stand up performances being Alba G who managed to reach the final for 200 meters and Ainara G who reached the final for the 75 meters sprint. Ainara had a very good day also finishing in the top 5 for both long jump and high jump. A special mention must also go to Jacobo, Eric and Ximena all of who finished in the top 10 for their respective events. 
The football pitch at Stantonbury was the venue for the third and final day of the Games. This was arguably our most successful day of the tournament with the boys doing particularly well, reaching the final of the competition. The boys finished as the tournament top goal scorers and did not concede a goal in normal time for the duration of the tournament. This is a fantastic achievement and one they should feel very proud of. One of the highlights from the football competition was beating Kings Soto 3-0 in order to reach the semi final. The boys played particularly well this game and deserved their place in the final of the competition. They were described as the stand out team from the competition.
As a school we would like to thank the students for making the experience enjoyable throughout, with the pupils representing the school fantastically throughout the competition both on and off the pitch. We would also like to thank all parents for the their continued support and encouragement throughout the Cobis games which helped to make the experience even more memorable for the pupils. Finally a BIG thank you goes to Ms Tester who kindly gave up her Easter Holiday to accompany us to the Games, she was fantastic throughout the trip and played a crucial role in the success of the tournament.

The Netherlands Exchange 2017

From 18th -23rd April 19 Kings College students travelled to The Netherlands for our annual Exchange with Kandinsky College, Nijmegen. We were anxious to meet our new exchange partners and their families - and what would it be like to go to classes at another school in another country?
The answer was: fantastic! The Dutch students, teachers and the exchange families all extended their famous hospitality skills to welcome us into their lives, and show the King’s students how they live. Many children cycled in to school every day, some from 15km away! We attended classes on Dutch History, Geography, Science, and got the opportunity to learn a new language.
Our visits to Amsterdam and the local town Nijmegen were fun, yet educational, with students completing photography tasks, science experiments, contemplating art at the Rijksmuseum and finding some time for some serious shopping! It was great to see the children making new friendships and working together to improve their cultural understanding of different cultures. On Saturday they spent the days with their families doing activities varying from horse riding, to theme parks, to eating at famous pancake houses.
We look forward to welcoming the Kandinsky students to King’s College La Moraleja in June. 

EF Schools Football Cup

Pupils in years 6 and 7 represented the school at the Education First Football Competition which took place on Sunday 2nd April at Colegio Mirabal. This was the first time the tournament had been held in Madrid and involved 12 schools competing for the trophy.
As a school we did particularly well reaching the final of the competition. We reached the final by finishing top of our group, with only one team from each group progressing to the final. During the group stages we played 5 matches winning 3 of them and drawing 2. As a result of finishing undefeated in the group stages we progressed to the final, where we met the winners of the opposite group. To reach the final was a fantastic achievement and one that the pupils can feel very proud of. The highlight of the tournament came in the last game of the group stages, when 2-1 down and needing a draw to reach the final we kept fighting right to the final whistle, managing to score a goal with less then a minute left to equalize the match, resulting in us finishing top of the table.
The pupils represented the school fantastically both on and off the pitch and can feel very proud of their achievements. Although we did not win the final we did incredibly well to get their. We will continue to practice and aim to come back next year even better. 

Spring Concert 2017

The end of the Spring term was celebrated, as always, with the Spring Concert. This year, the concert was themed 'Stronger Together' and the program was devised to show all the fantastic music that can be produced when people play together in ensembles. Class 8B started the show with a bang as they marched in as a Samba band playing traditional Batucada music from Brazil. The hour long event, hosted by our Head Girl and Head Boy proceeded to feature multiple rock bands, choirs and orchestras. Primary and Secondary choirs were combined to sing a song all about love and success and, for the first time ever, the Primary and Secondary orchestras were also combined. They finished the show with a performance of a movie soundtrack classic, Jurassic Park. All performers had been preparing for this concert for many months and their hard work really paid off. 

Year 1 and Year 2 Easter Show

On the 31st April , Year 1 and 2 performed an amazing Spring Show. The show took the audience on a trip through a farm, during Spring. The children presented ideas about flowers and plants needing water and sunlight to grow, chicks and ducklings hatching from their eggs and being able to walk and swim very quickly and the size of animals, like horses, at birth.

The children dressed as different farm animals and the children and adults who worked on the farm. Some children were narrators, who told the backstory to a day in the life of a farm, during spring. The whole show was peppered with lively and entertaining songs that demonstrated the different aspects of spring and farm life.

The children worked very hard learning the songs, their lines, and performing in a professional way. The parents did an amazing job of providing the beautiful costumes and supporting the children learning their lines.

The final performance was a brilliant success and we had a fantastic audience with many parents and sibling coming to watch! The photos show the children in action on stage.

Year 7 Walk for Water

On Friday 24th March, 43 year 7 pupils from La Moraleja set off for Soto de Viñuelas to take part in a Walk for Water fundraising event together  with pupils from King’s College, Soto.
The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of clean water, and for pupils to experience what it is like to carry heavy loads of water over a long distance. Each pupil carried 5 litres of water in a backpack and during the course of the morning they walked approximately 6km across the countryside, as many children in developing countries do every day.
Pupils asked family and friends to sponsor them to undertake the walk, and in total 1,072  euros was raised by the La Moraleja pupils.  All the money raised will go to The Nyumbani Village Charity, where the water shortage this year is causing severe hardship.
The event was a great success and our pupils were enthusiastic throughout the day, if rather more tired by the time they returned to La Moraleja in the afternoon. All the pupils agreed that they felt proud to have had such a great opportunity to directly make a difference to the lives of children in Kenya.
We all look forward to taking part again next year in 2018.

Year 7 Trip to Faunia

The children spent the day at Faunia viewing a huge variety of wildlife from all corners of the world. They observed animals native to Australia, the African rainforests, the Antarctic, along with many others. The children took field notes over the course of the day,noting down lots of important information, such as the animals habitat, range and adaptations, all of which will prove very useful in the upcoming topic "Adaptations" There was also a guided tour from a professional from Faunia who shared his insightful knowledge with the children as we toured through the park. Overall a very successful day, full of fun, excitement, great information and lot's of sunshine!

Nursery Farm Trip

Our Nursery classes went to Granja Escuela Giraluna to enjoy the delights that this teaching farm had to offer. They were very busy. They made bread, learnt about hens and chickens; they rode a pony and learnt about loads of different animals. They especially loved visiting the rabbits in their giant hutch. They held them carefully and loved their soft fur.  They petted the sheep and visited the owls. They listened carefully to the teachers at the farm who congratulated them for their fantastic behaviour.
We were very lucky to have some parents and carer helpers. They were very helpful getting the children on to and off the bus and making sure the children had an exciting but safe trip. Thank you!
On our return trip to school they  were so tired, after our busy day at the farm, that most children fell asleep on the bus. A great day was had by us all. We can’t wait for our next trip.

Baking Competition

King’s College La Moraleja became host to the most incredible variety and quality of cakes, cupcakes and biscuits for our Spring term house competition. We were amazed at the effort that children and parents had put in to dream up some unique and colourful creations. The judging process was incredibly difficult with such a number of entries, but fortunately the house captains were also on hand to give their opinions.
Some incredible creations were made – see if you can spot in the pictures: the I-pad cake, the flower cookies, the 'carrot theme' carrot cake, the marshmallow multi coloured cake, the army of ginger bread men – so much was on display.
And the winners in Secondary are:
Year 6 – Eloise B. for a beautiful and tasty rainbow cake.
Year 7 – Rebecca V. for the most ‘moreish’ brownies that the judges tasted.
Year 8 – Daniella M. for her delicious Strawberry cup cakes.
Year 9 – Valentina for her perfectly prepared carrot cake – the taste and texture were spot on!
Thank you again everyone for your efforts, and to top it off our charity sale raised a fantastic amount for ‘El Sueno de Vicky’ – we feel very proud to support this charity!

May Fair

This year’s May Fair is to be hosted at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas on Saturday 27th May. Come along for the fun, food, activities and events which will be going on all afternoon (13:00 – 17:00).

Raffle Donations Help Needed:

This year we are also looking for raffle prize donations and we would love it if you could help us with this. With all the proceeds going to great causes such as Amigos de NyumbaniBomberos AyudanAPAMA and Fundación Juegaterapía, it would be great if you could donate! If you would like to donate a prize before Wednesday 3rd May, please contact Paula Parkinson, our May Fair Coordinator:

We very much hope you’ll be able to form part of what is set to be a great day.

Enrichment Week - Mexico

During the enrichment week, we had the huge luck of “travelling” to México, experiencing and discovering many of its cultural, social and historical features.
This lovely country is connected with Spain in many different ways, but our group never ran out of themes to explore, and the feelings of the participants only showed to continuously rise, from their excited curiosity on the first day to the proud euphoria of presenting their work the day the rest of the secondary students were visiting us. Along the way, our “mexiqueens” and “mexikings” firstly contributed with what they knew already about the country: festivals like El día de los muertos, the traditional music played by the Mariachi, or the most famous dishes as fajitas…; and then went on researching and recreating the features they found more interesting: the typical sport of Lucha libre, the pre-european civilization of the Aztecs, the enormous and tessellated facade of Mexico DF’s university library (to which almost every single member of our group contributed), etc. Lastly, they were able to guide or visitors through an exhibition which had some of the items that became more popular on that day, such as the “Take a picture as Frida Khalo” frame, our Mexico’s Wall of Fame (highlighting our most beloved mexican: Mario Sánchez Nájera, former brilliant student and head-boy), but specially the activity which more people enjoyed: a big guacamole tasting!
We can honestly say that all the CUATES (friends) had a CHÉVERE (fun/cool) time!!!

King's Cup Competition

Recently the La Moraleja COBIS team traveled all the way to Murcia to compete in the Kings Cup Competition. This is an event that involves the pupils competing against the best Kings College athletes in the whole of Spain. The events we competed in were Swimming, Athletics and Football. The event was a great warm up for the Cobis games event taking place in England later on this year and proved to be a great success with the school doing extremely well. Our girls team won the Athletics and swimming overall and came second in the football and our boys team came second in all competitions. When all scores were combined we finished 2nd overall by only 10 points! The competition could not of been any closer. Stand out performances in athletics included Blanca Gomez winning both the 400 and 800 meters, Eric Laval winning the long jump and Blanca Bergasa winning the high jump. In the swimming stand out performances involved Blanca Bergasa winning the Butterfly, Alba Gonzalez winning the breast stoke and the girls team winning both relays.
When we were not competing the pupils had a fantastic time at the beach and also enjoyed ten pin bowling, where we took part in the annual bowling competition against Soto, which we won this year!
A massive congratulations must go to all pupils involved who represented the school extremely well both on and off the pitch. We now look forward to the Cobis games competition in April.   
Mr Griffiths

Primary Enrichment Week

Key Stage Two had great fun during Enrichment Week, throughout the week we learnt about 4 different countries; Italy, France, Russia and the Netherlands. 
We enjoyed learning new languages including ´Football Italian´ when we learnt how to name all the team positions and what to say if we disagreed withe referee! The children were fascinated to learn about windmills and their importance to Dutch irrigation systems. We also studied artists from each of the countries including Kandinsky´s geometric patterns, Van Gough´s sunflowers and the architecture of the Eiffel Tower.
A real highlight was the Russian Cossack dancing we learnt. The whole of Key Stage Two demonstrated their Russian dancing  skills during our assembly, it was exhausting but great fun!


One more year, the Spanish department has celebrated Carnival in Lower School and Infants. But, what does carnival mean for Mediterranean culture? Carnival is a Christian festive season that occurs before Lent. The main events typically occur in February, and they are mainly celebrated in some countries such as Brazil, Italy or Spain. Carnival typically involves a public celebration and/or parade combining some elements of a circus, masks and public street party.  
As it is traditional, the Spanish Team has organized a parade for both Infants and Lower School at break time. Children have demonstrated they can imagine being themselves a super hero, a Jedi, a Hogwarts’ magician and even a princess. All children danced to the beat of the music, performing one of the best costume parades we have ever imagined. At the end of the contest, the jury had to choose the best costume in each class.
For Infants there was also a parade. Our little children performed and showed us their beautiful costumes and the jury had to choose which the best costume was too. It was fantastic, we could see their happy and enthusiastic faces, and that was the best evidence to see they were having a good time.
All the winners, both in LS and Infants received a diploma and the applause of all the audience. So thank you all the participants for your enthusiasm!

SSL Food Day

In the SSL department we have had a wonderful time sharing food and different traditions during food day! Children (and their families) worked really hard to cook a traditional dish from their home country and we all enjoyed eating them. It was such an exciting experience and children got to proudly present what they had brought. We could all learn really interesting things from other cultures in a wonderful and respectful atmosphere, the students behaved very well and the activity was successfull. The purpose of food day was learning from different cultures and sharing,  children made the most out of this! We have so many nationalities within the department so we all got to eat lots of different types of food!

It was indeed, a wonderful day!

Thank you very much to our lovely committed parents, it is a pleasure to have your support in all the activities within the SSL department, feel free to come and see our fantastic display!


Volvo Project

Students in year 6 took part in a creative workshop sponsored by Volvo Car España. They were given the chance to build, design and develop a vehicle which is able to avoid accidents.
During this process, students were given experience of programming and operating robots.
The students showed excellent problem solving skills and impressed everyone with their teamwork and attitude. They came up with some great designs. The students all enjoyed the experience and this is something we will keep on doing in the future.
These are some opinions of our students after the activity:
¨It was really cool how they came to our school to show us how to program. I have never had so much fun in school. Best day ever!” Javier C.
“I really liked programming the Volvo car. I loved the experience. I had lots of fun. Also it was really good to know about what is safe in the cars. It was very exciting to be an engineer for a day!” Ainara G.
“I lived the experience because we worked in a team and we had a lot of fun¨ Ángel R.

Music School Festival

“If music be the food of love, play on” – William Shakespeare

The annual Music School Festival took place on Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, and Thursday 12th May, featuring seventy-two gifted musicians from King’s College School performing to large and appreciative audiences. The Music School provides specialist instrumental, vocal and theory tuition to students from reception to Year 9. In all of the performances of our pupils we saw courage, expression and maturity. The Music School faculty includes five piano teachers, two violin teachers, two guitar teachers, and specialists of woodwind and percussion, all of whom were extremely proud of the performances of their students. The Music School provides students with the opportunity to perform in such events as this, as well as prepare for ABRSM examinations, which can be used to contribute towards the entry profile of students applying to universities.

For those interested in subscribing to lessons for September, please contact Ms Elena Tkachenko, the Head of the Music School. (

What the Ladybird Heard, a stunning performance by Nursery C


This year’s Nursery Show was based on the fantastic story What the Ladybird Heard, by Julia Donaldson. The first time we read the story in our class was during World Book Day. All the children were enthused by it and the Nursery staff saw it clear: this will be our show! We also were of the same mind about the characters. Bubbly Mencía as the clever ladybird, witty Allan and Gonzalo S. as the cheeky thieves, the determined Pascual triplets as the police officers, charming Olivia as the fine prize cow, dainty Mateo as the little dog… and so on until everybody had a part in the story. Children practised their lines and songs for weeks. They enjoyed the singing sessions with Miss Bell. Our talented music teacher helped us choose the songs that would fit in the plot of the story, and she even wrote the lyrics for two of the tunes: Fly, fly, fly, ladybird, and I am a policeman.

As the day of the show approached the children were getting excited about their families coming to school to see them perform. For some of them this was the first time on a stage, with proper sound, lights, and even microphones! They also kept telling their teachers about their costumes. Sara was so looking forward to wearing her cat outfit that her Mum had a hard time convincing her to take it off to go to bed! Some children told us their own Mums and Grandmas were making the costumes, while others were over the moon with their props: handcuffs, key, map, even a squeaky duck!  All the children looked fabulous.

When we asked the children what they liked best about the show this is what some said:

“I loved Clara’s costume. It was very cute” (Mencía)

“I like the ladybirds. I know the song” (Carla)

“The thieves wanted to steal the beautiful cow” (Clara)

“The policemen put the thieves in jail” (Aitana)

Parents were captivated with their children’s performance, and their teachers were immensely proud of them. Our Nursery children are growing in leaps and bounds, and we feel lucky to be part of it.  Well done Nursery!

Year 5 Trip to Garganta de los Montes

On 23rd May 2016, a very excited Year 5 made the short journey to Garganta de los Montes for their residential trip. The theme, Una Vuelta del Mundo (a trip around the world), encourages the children to think about other cultures near and far.

As well as this, the children enjoyed a range of adventurous activities including kayaking, rock climbing and zip lining. The children really pushed themselves to the limit and reached new heights. The trip was exhilarating and more than a little tiring, with many a tear shed on our departure.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to “Sherpa” for providing the children with a memorable and magical experience.

Year 4 Trip to Somolinos

Year 4 embarked on their first ever residential in May to Somolinos. They have been excited for many weeks, it is always the highlight of being in year 4! Children came to school all prepared and as they kissed their parents goodbye they wondered what the next few days would hold!

We all enjoyed a series of outdoor and indoor activities such as hiking, zip-wiring, visiting a small town and learning about the history of this and even telling stories linked to global warming. We were extremely lucky, the sun shone on us the whole week and this ensured plenty of playing outside too!

“When we arrived at the hostel we were amazed by the beautiful views, it was very different from Madrid. The games were all fantastic but there was one that was the best and most exciting. We got to go in harnesses, climb a tree and then jump and go flying from a zip wire!” – Sofia H. 4G

“The monitors were all very kind and we sang special songs to represent our groups and then sang them at assembly time. One day we took part in a nocturnal treasure hunt of gnomes, we needed to be really careful because there was a series of traps that you could fall in!” – Isabel J. 4G

“There was a theatre and beside this, some animals such a geese, ducks and cute bunny rabbits.” – Claudia C. 4G

Poetry fever hits King’s College School

On Tuesday 9th May 2016, we welcomed the poet Paul Cookson to our school. Paul has a vast experience of leading workshops with all age groups and abilities. Nobody could have quite prepared or predicted how memorable, lively and extremely funny his performances were. Maria José G. (7M) and Alejandro Z. (7M) thought that Paul was “…Very humorous! He made everyday situations funny through his poetry”.

Audience participation was non negotiable, with all children (and staff) joining in on repetitive rhymes and actions! There were 4 performances in total – one for the Infants School, one for the Lower School and Upper School was divided into two groups. Each performance had children howling with laughter and also inspired to read more poetry – with copies of signed books selling like hot cakes at our book fair, which was running throughout the day.  Sam R. (5C) said “He inspires me to write poetry. His humour made it seem fun”.

We would like to thank Paul and Book Box international for contributing to make this such a fantastic day in school and for sharing their enthusiasm for literacy with our students. We sincerely hope that they will return in the near future. Addditionally, we are extremely grateful to you, the families of our students, for supporting the book fair once again.

Year 2 Show

Year 2 marked the end of their time in Infants with a spectacular show celebrating everything they had learned about Africa. As you can see from the photographs, their costumes varied from towering giraffes to jumping Masaai Warriors! They performed a variety of songs and dances and shared their experiences from their time in Year 2. Miss Jones, Mr V and Mr Chapman will be very sad to say goodbye to them!

Year 5 End of Year Show

At the beginning of the summer term, Year 5 embarked on a challenge which was exciting but stretching. The Year 5 show included 75 children in a variety of roles including solo singing, theatrical acting and technical support. The show was based on the famous tale of Aladdin and was humorously titled “Aladdin Trouble”. After many weeks of practising, the children managed to perform the show brilliantly in front of hundreds and children and parents. They were a credit to the school and will continue to inspire the younger children for many years to come.

Festival of Computing 17th June Roehampton University

On Friday 17th June 2016, at Froebel College, Roehampton University held their very first Coding festival. This was an inspirational day with a collaboration of teachers, professionals and software companies working in the Computing and Programming industry. It was a great opportunity to learn from each other through workshops and research presentations and discuss the current opportunities and challenges schools face in teaching the new Computing curriculum and pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching with technology.

Our school was represented by myself Gemma Marsden (Head of Art and ICT) and Dawn Akyurek (Haed Teacher) speaking on behalf of King´s College La Moraleja about the research project that we had been working on since February 2016. Our project focused on getting more girls engaged in Computing with an aim of closing the gap between males and females in the industry.

In our findings we discovered that parental support was important when giving pupils the confidence to pursue a career in the area, as was getting the right balance of challenge and support in the classroom. We also found that teaching girls to be brave and resilient was fundamental when learning how to programme and code. Learning coding requires resilience and as a teacher the most challenging aspect of this project was getting the message across to pupils  that failing was OK and that more learning comes from when you fail. Learning something new like programming also requires emotional investment, these were our key messages at the festival.

The festival allowed to see the best practise from educators from across schools worldwide, where the use of games and video was proved to also be a powerful tool in the classroom when engaging pupils in the new Computing curriculum.

We also witnessed how the Computing curriculum can be taught through cross curricular links and how it lends itself well with innovation and creativity.

As teachers we are now working in a digital world and pupils’ digital literacy is as important as any other aspect of the curriculum. The event was very successful and we hope to help Roehampton further in their research throughout 2017 and make it an annual event in the future.

London Take One Picture Art Trip to the National Gallery 2016

On Tuesday 21st June 2016 10 Year 7 pupils flew to London to visit their artwork in the National Gallery. The girls had taken an active part in the Take One Picture Art Club and worked closely on the project with Miss Marsden and Miss Carrigan (Year 4 teacher and EYFS-Lower school Art Coordinator). This trip was a celebration of our artwork being selected for the Take One Picture Exhibition in the National Gallery from 8Th June until 26th September 2016.

About Take One Picture

Take One Picture is the National Gallery’s flagship project for primary schools. The works in this exhibition demonstrates the innovative ways in which schools have responded to Thomas Gainsborough’s Mr and Mrs Andrews.

The 21st annual ‘Take One Picture’ exhibition showcases work by children from across England and our school in Spain, Kings College La Moraleja. From watercolours and lace making to ceramics and creative writing, the exhibition features a diverse range of works reflecting the richness of creative responses to this painting. Landscapes, culture, heritage, fashion, and design were just some of the themes explored by the children.

Launched in 1995, Take One Picture is the National Gallery’s countrywide scheme for primary schools. Each year the Gallery focuses on one painting from the collection to inspire cross-curricular work in primary classrooms. The exhibition of work produced by schools based on the painting is shown at the National Gallery, and a selection is published on the Take One Picture website. For further details on the project, visit

About the Painting

‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’, which is on display in Room 35, portrays newly married Robert and Frances Andrews. Soon after his marriage Robert Andrews inherited the Suffolk estate of Auberies, the setting for this painting. His wife, born Frances Carter, was also from a local landowning family and the match consolidated the land held by both families. Robert Andrews has a gun under his arm, while Frances Andrews sits on an elaborate garden bench reflecting contemporary taste for Rococo design. Gainsborough left a little of Frances Andrews’s lap unpainted; it is possible that this space was reserved for an anticipated child. However, there are several theories to explain the missing piece, a book being another.

Our Visit

We took ourselves around a self-guided tour of the gallery; the pupils were inspired with the vast collection of artwork the gallery had to offer. Pupils used this as an opportunity to sketch and draw famous paintings and of course study closely the Mr and Mrs Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough that was the main focus of our project.

We also visited some famous landmarks to capture the history of London. This was very exciting for the children as most of them had never been in The U.K. before. We even managed to take a trip on the London Eye which gave us incredible views of the city.

Overall, the experience that the children had was fantastic. They had the opportunity to celebrate a great achievement and they made their teachers and family very proud.

“This has been one of the best experiences of my life seeing our Art work in the National Gallery and being able to visit London” Norah 7M.

King's Infants Elche

We are delighted to announce that in September 2017, King’s Group will be opening the ninth school in our group. King’s College Infants Elche, will be a dedicated Infant School offering a British education to approximately 200 pupils from the age of 2 (Pre-Nursery) to 7 years old (Year 2).

Click here to read our Press Release

Nos complace anunciar que en septiembre de 2017, King’s Group abrirá su noveno colegio. King’s College Infants Elche será un colegio infantil que ofrecerá educación británica a aproximadamente 200 alumnos de entre 2 (Pre-Nursery) y 7 años (Year 2).

IAPS Basketball Tournament Results

ACS Cobham International School Saturday 21st January 2017 U13 Tournament Most Valuable Player:                 Number 16 King’s College Madrid Championship winners:            Millfield Prep Championship runners up:        King’s College Madrid Plate Championships:                 Lanesborough Plater Runners Up:                        Westbrook Hay   Eight teams competed in the U13 tournament including the Championship and Plate finalists along with Gayhurst, Edge…


Pupils’ Voice

Short Article Entry – By Head Boy and Girl The Pupil Voice Group is a vital part of the student body. Our role as Head Boy and Head Girl is to meet weekly with other the other members of The Pupil Voice Group (Deputy Head Girl and Boy, Wellbeing Ambassadors, Deputy Head Teacher and sometimes…