This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. Here at King’s College we are using this week to focus on “Five Ways to Wellbeing. Our PVWT students and teachers will be talking to students about a different one each day:





Take notice: Take notice of the changing seasons. Embrace the here and now, whether you are eating, with friends or walking to work. Be aware of what you are feeling. Notice what you already have and are grateful for. Being aware of our experiences helps us appreciate what matters to us.



Keep Learning: Try something new.  Learn how to cook, play an instrument or a new language. Learning new things makes us feel more confident as well as being enjoyable.



Connect: Connect with people around you. With your family, with friends. Keep nurturing friendships and also make new ones. Try sitting with someone new at lunchtime and get to know them.



Give: Do something nice for a friend, a neighbour or a family member. Say thank you. Volunteer your time. Doing things for other people also makes us feel good!



Be Active: Step outside, go for a walk or run. Dance. Garden. Cycle. Exercise makes us feel good.


Heather Galloway