We are often our own worst critic, focussing our mind full of things we haven’t done, should have done, need to do… adding to the problems we may face.

One way Mindfulness can help is to “quiet your mind” – by trying to take a step back and be more present in the moment (instead of bringing in past days/months or focussing on the big to-do lists in a way to berate ourselves), we can learn to be more accepting of things the way they are and have more self love.



  • Recognise when you are being hard on yourself, in order to stop. 


  • Learn to have self compassion (which, in turn, helps you to be more compassionate towards others).



It’s not that mindful self-compassion solves the problems of the moment. It doesn’t. Self-compassion and other positive emotion practices—gratitude, awe, generosity, delight, love—simply shift the functioning of the brain to put us in a better position to solve problems we may face.