A mood, like a season, can change and fluctuate. 

Interestingly, whether they are happy, exuberant or negative, they attract like for like. So, if you are in a terrible mood, then you can be guaranteed to experience others in the same kind of mood. We can blame it on the weather,  or the fact that it’s Monday. But we can all do some simple things to boost our mood and not let the negative mood rule our day.

Here are 5 simple mood-boosting tips:

  1. Get out in nature – Regardless of the weather – it really does help your mood! It is often when we feel the least like going outside, that we discover it was the best thing we could have done for ourselves. 
  2. Have quiet time – When you shut off everything around you, it becomes that much easier to get clear about what you want and what you don’t. Sitting in quiet contemplation, you might just find that you’ve known the answer all along, you just needed to get quiet to put your finger on it.
  3. Find gratitude – The best and quickest mood lifting remedy out there is gratitude. A really nice way to do this is at the start or end of your day (or why not, both?) Say sentences with, “I am grateful for…” Fill in the blank with everything and anything you can think of. I am grateful for the air I have to breathe. I am grateful for the dog jumping up at me to show he loves me. You can set yourself 3, 5 or however many gratitude statements to make – and it really makes you focus on all that is good.
  4. Stretch – You might not be into yoga and that’s fine – but simply moving and stretching is a quick and easy way to link body and mind. Lift your arms above your head. Bend at your waist. Do whatever feels good to you as you give your body a little attention and stretch.
  5. Pay someone a compliment – It costs you nothing, yet is worth a lot more than you can even imagine. The only rules are: be genuine, be sincere, be yourself. Making someone else’s day has the added bonus of boosting yours, too.