In the Secondary School, pupils move onto a secondary style timetable, still following the English National Curriculum, but now having specialist subject teachers. This allows us to achieve high standards of teaching and learning and to prepare pupils very thoroughly for their IGCSE exams in Year 11.

Studies from 10 to 16 (Years 6 to 11)

In National Curriculum Years 6 to 9 specialist teachers deliver a balanced programme broadly based on the English National Curriculum, but with additional factors such as the introduction of the three separate sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in Year 9 and the availability of three modern languages (French, Spanish and German).

Students of non-Spanish nationality study Spanish as a second language. Students of Spanish nationality validate their studies by following courses in Spanish Language, Literature and Social Sciences, according to the curriculum set by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

As in England, assessment based on National Curriculum levels continues to be used and students progress monitored accordingly.  King’s College keeps abreast of all curriculum developments in progress in the UK and pursues those policies best suited to the students’ needs.

In Years 10 and 11, pupils will continue with the same curriculum, but with the focus on subject specialisms to prepare pupils for their IGCSEs.

Beyond La Moraleja

King’s College School is the start of an extensive and exciting British education that will see your child grow into a responsible and thoughtful young person, qualified to go to university and ready to face the challenges of adult life.

Once your child has finished Year 11 at King’s College School, La Moraleja, it will be time for them to start at our sister school, King’s College in Soto de Viñuelas. Here  pupils will study for their A Levels.

All the teachers employed by King’s are fully qualified, experts in their subjects and in the field of Education. In addition to their dedicated teaching, at Soto teachers also work with pupils to support them with the next steps in their academic journey; be it Sixth Form, or looking at university entrance options.