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Year 1 Trip to the Botanical Gardens

Today the Year 1 children took a trip to the Botanical Gardens. The plants are children alike enjoyed the sunny weather. The children learnt all about different types of plants that grow in a range of climates. The staff at the gardens explained to the children about how we must properly care for plants, and what they need to grow. 

Judo End of Year Demonstration

The Judo children showed off their skills today, in front of all the parents. Fede and the Judo team showed the parents how far the children had come since the start, and everything that they had learnt. To celebrate the occasion, the children were awarded certificates as well as medals. We're very proud of our little Judo champs! 

Year 2 Trip to American Museum

Today the Year 2's took a trip to the Madrid Museum of the Americas.The artifacts in the museum represent a range of periods, from American Prehistory to the present, with special emphasis in pre-Columbian Archaeology, Ethnography, and Colonial Art. The children were able to appreciate a culture and history with a lot of depth and detail. 

Piano and Violin Concert

We were absolutely blown away this week at how well our musicians did in their piano and violin concerts. We had children from Reception through to Year 2 playing various songs that they had been learning throughout the year. I'm sure all the parents will agree that they did brilliantly, and we're very proud not only of their musical ability but also the confidence they showed playing in front of a crowd. Well done! 

Year 1 Wild Flower Hunt

The Year 1's have been exploring again! This time they were hunting the wild flowers that are popping up now that the weather is sunny. The children were learning how to gather data; counting the number of flowers in a tally chart, and then adding up the totals. In this way, the children combined learning about nature and practicing mathematics as well. 

Reception go to the Planetarium

Our Reception classes, after having studied all about the space, aliens and the universe, had the chance to take their learning one step further and look everything space-related up close! The children looked at the robotics used for space exploration, as well as the different stars in our galaxy. 

Gluten Free Day at KIS

Today our kitchen staff were keen to teach us all about gluten, where it is found, and how it can be harmful to certain people. It is important that the children understand the difficulties that those with celiac disease must overcome. Luis prepared some bread without gluten, so that we could compare it to bread with gluten. Thank you to our fantastic kitchen staff for the extra work they put in today! 

La Semana de la Salud Mental

Esta semana es la Semana de la Salud Mental Infantil. Aquí, en King’s College, estamos utilizando esta semana para centrarnos en “Cinco formas de bienestar”. Nuestros estudiantes y maestros de PVWT hablarán con los estudiantes sobre uno diferente cada día:     LUNES   Toma nota: toma nota de los cambios de estaciones. Adopte el…


Ganadores del BISA IT Initiative of the Year

Estamos encantados de anunciar que King’s Group ha ganado el “British International School Award” por la Iniciativa de IT (Informática y Tecnología) del Año. Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestros equipos de Informática y E-Learning y del trabajo que realizan. Pulse aquí para ver la nota de prensa completa  en Inglés o en Español. También podréis…



Tuvimos un día fantástico celebrando Halloween. Los disfraces estaban fantásticos y los niños disfrutaron dando  mucho miedo. Muchas gracias a los padres para la comida y ayudando a crear los disfraces.

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Estamos siendo deportistas!

Nuestros alumnos de Key Stage 1 les encantan los viernes por la tarde. Los viernes, los niños aprenden fútbol, netball, habilidades de deportes, y yoga. Trabajan en grupos para desarrollar sus habilidades y aprenderán cada de las actividades en una rotación. Mientras los niños hacen tantos deportes de equipo, creemos que es bueno desarrollar sus…


La clase de música

La música sigue siendo una parte importante del currículo a KIS con Ms Martin dando clases especiales a KS1 y Ms Sharp a EY. En Reception, los niños han sido enfocando en el tempo y en la dinámica. Tuvieron un buen momento con los tambores grandes.

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