The Site:

The learning environment is an essential component of the curriculum for infant children.

  • Classes from Pre-Nursery through to Year 2.
  • We are creating enabling environments both indoors and out that will make toddlers and infants feel welcome, safe, secure and ready to learn.
  • Our approach to early childhood education recognizes the tremendous impact of the environment by referring to it as the “third teacher”.
  • We know that the infant learning environment must provide a flexible climate that supports child-directed practices, spontaneous exploration, curiosity, motivation for learning and the creation and maintenance of positive relationships between adults and children.
  • Complete revamp of the building .
  • Utilise the natural environment to develop a ‘forest school’ area and include a grass area as part of the playground.
  • To create outdoor spaces that can be used in all weathers.
  • Free flow indoor/outdoor in all early years classrooms.
  • Recommended specialist spaces.

The Education:

Experiences during the first few months and years of life are critical because they set the stage for the child’s future development and learning.

  • To recruit  outstanding teachers to deliver a stimulating and exciting curriculum as well as build safe and secure relationships with the children.
  • To recruit a Pre-Nursery team  that support the natural desire of toddlers to actively explore their environment with their whole body by knowing about this age group’s development to enable them to predict what interactions, materials and experiences will be safe, engaging and most supportive to best promote learning and development. 
  • To offer an enhanced curriculum because of the nature of the site.
  • To continue with specialist teachers.
  • To offer swimming lessons on site (year groups to be confirmed).
  • Classrooms will be well organized, planned and safe.
  • Spaces will be flexible and adjusted to meet the needs of the children.
  • Transition will be managed very carefully- we will invite all parents and children in for a tour and include a stay and play session in their class.


From a very early age children are encouraged to become independent learners. Classrooms are set up in a way to develop this skill.
Materials are stored in learning areas – the children know where to access these materials.

Learning Environments:

Carpet Area

Book Corner

Mark Making Area

Mathematics Area

Investigation Area

Outdoor environment

Sand & Water Area

Imaginative Play Area

ICT Area

Construction Area

Art & Craft Area