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E.I Sus Pequeños Pasos

We would like to welcome E.I. Sus Pequeños Pasos who will be opening a new bilingual (French/English) Nursery in the area on Av. de Bruselas, 5, Alcobendas, Madrid, as of September 2019.  Sus Pequeños Pasos was created in 2004 as a school for early infancy where the French language was introduced in the classes.  After being enlarged in 2011, they also introduced English.  Since then they have developed a bilingual education project in French and in English with the objective of a school is for children to experience, enjoy and develop all their capabilities in a free and natural way through experiential and creative games.  They offer education for children 0 to 3 years, after which, we would be delighted for them to join us at King’s!  Web:

Year 1-3 Sports Day

What a beautiful day for our Year 1-3 to have their sports day! The Yellow house were today's champions. Thank you to the great enthusiasm of all the teachers, pupils and parents.

Summer Fair

Will you be attending King's College Summer Fair on Saturday the 1st of June? It will be taking place between 13.00-17.00, and is to sure to bring lots of fun and laughter!

We have amazing raffle prizes to give away including an iPad Pro, a Loewe Bag and a Huawei P20! Make sure you head along to win one of our fantastic prizes, which all go towards a great cause.

Murcia Cup

What a great experience it was to be a part of King's Cup in Murcia. Our school came second place and we couldn't be prouder of their team spirit and hard work!

Gredos Trip

Our school Year 10 Geography trip to Gredos. It was a great chance to really explore and discover in nature! The views were incredible and the students had a memorable experience! Have you been to Gredos before

Rock Concert

What an absolutely wonderful show we had at our school's "Rock Concert". Our students are very talented and it was great to see all of their smiling faces on the stage. Thank you to all who attended and all the staff and pupils who put a lot of hard work into the concert!

Book Fair

Reading is a great tool for exploring the imagination! Today we have been busy at our book fair. It has been a great opportunity to get the pupils excited about reading and discovering new things. What book are you reading at the moment?

Students in year 6 took part in a creative workshop sponsored by Volvo Car España.

Students in year 6 took part in a creative workshop sponsored by Volvo Car España. They were given the chance to build, design and develop a vehicle which is able to avoid accidents.
During this process, students were given experience of coding, programming and operating robots.

The students showed excellent problem solving skills and impressed everyone with their teamwork and attitude. They came up with some great designs. The students all enjoyed the experience and this is something we will keep on doing in the future.

Here are some opinions of our students after the activity:

-“I really liked programming the Volvo car. I loved the experience. I had lots of fun. It was really good to know about what is safe in the cars. It was very
exciting to be an engineer for a day!”

-“I lived the experience because we worked in a team and we had a lot of fun¨

-¨It was really cool how they came to our school to show us how to program. I have never had so much fun in school.¨

Aldovea Cross 2019

Year 4 to Year 9 took part in Aldovea´s school annual event, the Aldovea Cross. This is a race on the roads around La Moraleja. Students ran between 1650 to 3000 metres.

This event promotes healthy living and exercise and gives the children a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of a large sporting event. It also allows different schools in the local community to join together.

Mindful Monday New Post

We are often our own worst critic, focusing our mind full of things we haven’t done, should have done, need to do… adding to the problems we may face.

One way Mindfulness can help is to “quiet your mind” – by trying to take a step back and be more present in the moment (instead of bringing in past days/months or focusing on the big to-do lists in a way to berate ourselves), we can learn to be more accepting of things the way they are and have more self love.

-Recognise when you are being hard on yourself, in order to stop.

-Learn to have self compassion (which, in turn, helps you to be more compassionate towards others).

It’s not that mindful self-compassion solves the problems of the moment. It doesn’t. Self-compassion and other positive emotion practices—gratitude, awe, generosity, delight, love—simply shift the functioning of the brain to put us in a better position to solve problems we may face. 

Happy Father´s Day

Happy Father´s Day!

To celebrate Father´s Day today in Nursery and Reception, the students had a special visit from their parents. Together, they did arts and crafts and made cards for their fathers to keep forever.




Wellbeing and Mindfulness workshop for parents

An individual´s wellbeing is dynamic. How students feel about themselves and their own wellbeing changes over time, in different situations and circumstances, and in response to community and environmental factors. At King´s College we understand how wellbeing can become a powerful force in students’ engagement, learning and development. We also understand that parent and teachers need to work together to ensure the best outcomes, and as such are holding a parent workshop on Monday 1st April at 3.30pm.

The aims of this workshop are to:
• Explain signs of both positive and negative wellbeing, including changes in behaviour you may notice as a parent 
• Discuss 5 key ways to support and promote your child ´s (and your own) wellbeing.
• We will also have a short session on mindfulness: a scientifically proven technique that combats stress.
Both parts of the workshop have practical tips & strategies you can use at home.

Please confirm your attendance using the Google Form below.…/1YEOtDL1BVFcZEnfzX7mW4nK7COy…/edit

COBIS Primary Games 2019

Some of our students were in Bangkok competing in the COBIS Primary Games. This an exciting opportunity for students across the world to compete in a variety of sporting activities, whilst also allowing them to make new friends, develop new skills and widen their cultural experiences.

To get an insight of what our students were doing, you can watch here:

Mindful March

We have a new blog post on our Mindful Monday´s blog! This Mindful March Action Calendar has daily suggested actions to do throughout March 2019 to help you be more mindful and live in the present moment. Take a look at the Action for Happiness website here: to find out more about their work and goal to create a happier, more caring society.

Madrid Carnival Fancy dress

Students got the opportunity to dress up in light of Madrid Carnival today. We had some amazing, original costumes!

Mindful Monday blog on our wellbeing page

Every Monday we will be adding a blog for Mindful Monday on our wellbeing page on the school website. This week´s blog post is called ´What Are You Thankful For?´

There has been much research linking gratitude and wellbeing, confirming that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression. This week, why not try writing down three to five things you are thankful for each day?

Remember: When you put your attention to something, it will be increasingly present in your life. Why not put your attention on what you are grateful for?