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Aldovea Cross 2019

Year 4 to Year 9 took part in Aldovea´s school annual event, the Aldovea Cross. This is a race on the roads around La Moraleja. Students ran between 1650 to 3000 metres.

This event promotes healthy living and exercise and gives the children a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of a large sporting event. It also allows different schools in the local community to join together.

Mindful Monday New Post

We are often our own worst critic, focusing our mind full of things we haven’t done, should have done, need to do… adding to the problems we may face.

One way Mindfulness can help is to “quiet your mind” – by trying to take a step back and be more present in the moment (instead of bringing in past days/months or focusing on the big to-do lists in a way to berate ourselves), we can learn to be more accepting of things the way they are and have more self love.

-Recognise when you are being hard on yourself, in order to stop.

-Learn to have self compassion (which, in turn, helps you to be more compassionate towards others).

It’s not that mindful self-compassion solves the problems of the moment. It doesn’t. Self-compassion and other positive emotion practices—gratitude, awe, generosity, delight, love—simply shift the functioning of the brain to put us in a better position to solve problems we may face. 

Happy Father´s Day

Happy Father´s Day!

To celebrate Father´s Day today in Nursery and Reception, the students had a special visit from their parents. Together, they did arts and crafts and made cards for their fathers to keep forever.




Wellbeing and Mindfulness workshop for parents

An individual´s wellbeing is dynamic. How students feel about themselves and their own wellbeing changes over time, in different situations and circumstances, and in response to community and environmental factors. At King´s College we understand how wellbeing can become a powerful force in students’ engagement, learning and development. We also understand that parent and teachers need to work together to ensure the best outcomes, and as such are holding a parent workshop on Monday 1st April at 3.30pm.

The aims of this workshop are to:
• Explain signs of both positive and negative wellbeing, including changes in behaviour you may notice as a parent 
• Discuss 5 key ways to support and promote your child ´s (and your own) wellbeing.
• We will also have a short session on mindfulness: a scientifically proven technique that combats stress.
Both parts of the workshop have practical tips & strategies you can use at home.

Please confirm your attendance using the Google Form below.…/1YEOtDL1BVFcZEnfzX7mW4nK7COy…/edit

COBIS Primary Games 2019

Some of our students were in Bangkok competing in the COBIS Primary Games. This an exciting opportunity for students across the world to compete in a variety of sporting activities, whilst also allowing them to make new friends, develop new skills and widen their cultural experiences.

To get an insight of what our students were doing, you can watch here:

Mindful March

We have a new blog post on our Mindful Monday´s blog! This Mindful March Action Calendar has daily suggested actions to do throughout March 2019 to help you be more mindful and live in the present moment. Take a look at the Action for Happiness website here: to find out more about their work and goal to create a happier, more caring society.

Madrid Carnival Fancy dress

Students got the opportunity to dress up in light of Madrid Carnival today. We had some amazing, original costumes!

Mindful Monday blog on our wellbeing page

Every Monday we will be adding a blog for Mindful Monday on our wellbeing page on the school website. This week´s blog post is called ´What Are You Thankful For?´

There has been much research linking gratitude and wellbeing, confirming that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression. This week, why not try writing down three to five things you are thankful for each day?

Remember: When you put your attention to something, it will be increasingly present in your life. Why not put your attention on what you are grateful for?

English Summer Camp


Are you looking for a Summer Camp where your children have the chance to learn English while they have the best time? In King’s College Summer Camps kids have an English immersion while they get to enjoy their favourite hobbies and sports. There are two wonderful programmes available in La Moraleja:

-English Camp for Infants: Their first attempt in becoming bilingual. During this camp, children get to seize the best age range to learn languages with a fantastic programme that includes various games and activities exclusively designed for infants. Our campers have a delightful experience while they learn English without even noticing it! From 3-6 years old. More information HERE:…/camps-for-infants-i…/

-Performing Arts Camp: The best place to get creative and overcome all of your fears! Children get to learn acting, singing and dancing skills with a team of professional actors. Here, you can grow more and work on your communication abilities while creating a theatre play from the beginning. Lights, camera, action! From 6-16 years old. More information HERE:…/performing-arts-cam…/


Professional Development Weekend in King´s Group

All King´s Group staff gathered for a Professional Development weekend in Soto, filled with an array of inspiring speakers and workshops.

Mr Fossey, Jeremy Newton, Gemma Marsden and our HPL ambassadors all spoke about High Performance Learning and how we implement it here in King´s College, La Moraleja. #PDWMADRID2019

King´s 50 Years Celebrations

Here are some photographs of King´s College 50th Anniversary party. What a special occasion. To celebrate, we buried a time capsule that will not be opened until 2044! #Kings50 #timecaps

5 Ways to Wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing 🙂


Take notice: Take notice of the changing seasons. Embrace the here and now, whether you are eating, with friends or walking to work. Be aware of what you are feeling. Being aware of our experiences helps us appreciate what matters to us.

Keep Learning: Try something new. Learn how to cook, play an instrument or a new language. Learning new things makes us feel more confident as well as being enjoyable.


Connect: Connect with people around you. With your family, with friends. Keep nurturing friendships and also make new ones. Try sitting with someone new at lunchtime and get to know them.

Give: Do something nice for a friend, a neighbour or a family member. Say thank you. Volunteer your time. Doing things for other people also makes us feel good!


Be Active: Step outside, go for a walk or run. Dance. Garden. Cycle. Exercise makes us feel good.

The Jewish School of Madrid Year 9 activity morning

Today Year 9 went to The Jewish School of Madrid to carry out some insightful exercises. They were given names of those that died in the Holocaust and researched information about them to help keep their memory alive.


Thank you so much to the school and Rabbi Pinchas for all your help.

Chinese New Year

Look out for ´Happy New Year,´ in Chinese around the school to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

6W Presentations

6W Student Presentations
We had a fantastic launch to the class presentations that all of the 6W students will be doing during this term. Rishi and Saksham brought in their remote control Lego models to show the class. The models were quite amazing and everyone really enjoyed hearing about them and seeing demonstration of what they could do. Presentations in front of your peers can be tough, so well done to these two for doing this so well. It is great experience to have!

Today I Remembered You


Last November the Spanish department promoted a new initiative in our school in order to foster empathy and solidarity with those who need it. This project was called “Today I remembered you”. The story of this campaign started in Córdoba three years ago when a group of mums wanted to write letters to children who were hospitalized and were going to spend Christmas time far from their homes and families because of their illnesses. Thanks to social networks and by word of mouth this initiative became very popular among Andalusian and then among the rest of Spain.

At present, this academic year, King’s College wanted to take part in this activity and all children in Primary proposed to write their own letters to hospitalized children. These letters were going to be sent to La Paz Hospital both for children and their families, who also needed words of encouragement and hope messages. Our pupils were so excited about writing their letters that even many of them included in the envelope their own handmade presents, christmas cards and best wishes for the recipients.

It was such a successful event due to our children’s enthusiasm and work to do their best in order to make so many children happy. The Spanish department would like to thank all our students for their cooperation and being so sensitive with their fellows. We will carry out “Today I remembered you” again.



- Miss Algar and Miss García

Police Internet Safety Talk - Bullying and Cyberbullying

Police Internet Safety Talks- Bullying and Cyberbullying (Organized by Pedro García-SD)

Alcobendas police visited our school on the 17st, 18nd and 19th December. This provided us a fantastic opportunity to participate with the Police in very important topics as cyberbullying, grooming, bullying, social media and risks of internet.

In king’s College we believe that the Internet can be a wonderful resource for kids. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other kids, and play interactive games. Kids who are old enough to swipe a screen can have access to the world.

However that access can also pose hazards. For example, an 8-year-old might do an online search for "Lego." But with just one missed keystroke, the word "Legs" is entered instead, and the child may be directed to a slew of websites with a focus on legs — some of which may contain pornographic material.

That's why it's important to be aware of what your kids see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves online.

One of our goals at King's College has been to provide students with the ability to learn wherever they are, using the technology and make their learning experience authentic. Presentations such as this are essential to maintaining the online security of our students as they use online tools to support their learning wherever they may be.

Police working with schools results in a wealth of benefits for the police, for schools, their teachers and pupils, and for the wider school community.

It was really good to see pupils listen so well and participate with the Police in class discussions. This visit will be an annual fixture next academic year.

Carols by Candlelight was a huge success!

Carols by Candlelight
On 18th December King’s College School celebrated the festive season with the traditional Carols by Candlelight Christmas Service. After months of rehearsals, orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles and readers from Primary and Secondary came together to put on this amazing show. Students from every year group also worked to decorate the hall and shared their Christmas wishes. Under a ceiling of snowflakes, the audience enjoyed renditions of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, Somewhere In My Memory, Mozart flute quartet and the traditional hymns. During collections, we were able to raise a significant amount of money for the musical charity, Coro Safari. Mince pies and mulled wine were enjoyed by all at the end.

A huge thank you to those that made this evening possible, with particular thanks to Miss Morris and Miss Jeffery, for all their hard work. Here are some photos of this great evening.