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Oscar Prado visit (Head of Spanish at our link school in Ringmer, UK)

Oscar visited our school on the 25th October. This provided us with a fantastic opportunity to set up links and also share good practice. He met Spanish and MFL staff at King’s College La Moraleja as well as visiting classes and observing lessons. He was delighted with our students’ achievements and the wide range of projects that the school is involved in.  
We were able to develop excellent links between King´s Schools in Spain and King´s Academies in the UK and establish the foundations of a long term partnership. Both schools agreed to develop further projects together.
As a result of this visit,  Mr. Prado and Mr. García (Head of Spanish-La Moraleja) decided to start a new exchange project for the year 9 students in both schools that will be held next academic year 2018/19.  The main idea is to offer a exchange trip and cross curricula activities. We expect that some of our students and the students who are learning Spanish at Ringmer College will be extremely interested in participating.
We believe that an exchange programme is a rewarding but challenging experience during which pupils will learn a lot about themselves and have some fun as well. They will be immersed in the language and culture of their chosen country and live like a local member of the host family, town or community. They will also gain skills in intercultural learning and understanding, gaining a rich understanding of another culture, also significantly improve their current skills in a language through practical immersion.
This sounds like the beginning of a wonderful opportunity!
You can find more information about Ringmer Academy here:

School Council ! King's College La Moraleja

Mr Heanley has been working with the School Council to find out about our learning environment and how we learn best in school. The Council Reps had great fun working in groups to complete a survey about their favourite displays, the best lessons ever and hat helps them to learn well.
They are looking forward to sharing their research with the teachers soon!

Art Week

This term we dedicated enrichment week to exploring visual arts as an effective means of learning across the curriculum. We aimed to help students develop their creativity, their imagination and their cultural engagement with the arts.


We began Art Week by taking part in the international drawing festival ‘The Big Draw’ which aims to promote drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. Many of our parents came to take part and to support the students in a range of different workshops such as, art therapy, ephemeral art, life-size drawing, dreamscaping, sewing and collective collage.


We also took part in the ‘Take One Picture’ competition in collaboration with the National Gallery of London. The focus of this project was to cultivate skills and confidence in looking at and responding to paintings. We examined the painting An experiment on a bird in the air pump’ by Joseph Wright ‘of Derby’ (1768). Each of the workshops explored different aspects of the painting through a range of subjects such as, debating, stop motion photography, 18th Century inventions and scientific experiments.


“It was really exciting and fun because we did things we had never done before”IA

“We got to experience different forms of art” LC

“We got to use new materials” PR

“We got to use art in different ways and subjects” AG

Word Mania - King's College School, La Moraleja

Students in years 6-9 have been involved in the Word Mania Competition for the last 3 weeks. This is an international literacy competition that pits students against schools across the world in an online word formation game.
Our secondary cohort are performing incredibly well:
Year 6 - 9th in Europe for skill and 2nd in Europe for participation
Year 7 - 1st in Europe for skill and 6th in Europe for participation
Year 8 - 2nd in Europe for skill and 2nd in Europe for participation
Year 9  - 1st in Europe for skill and 1st in Europe for participation
As it stands we are in with a real chance of moving into the finals and achieving overall victory. This will entail trophies for the students involved and cash prizes to be spent on school resources.
Please encourage students to keep playing whenever they can.
Go King´s College La Moraleja!

Art Club in Year 5!

Children in year 5 enjoyed Art club this week. They used oil pastels to try and capture the changing pattern and folds of the fabric. We focused on drawing the curves with pencil then added the pattern to the shape outline. We focused on just a small section of the fabric to get high quality instead of a larger picture.

Glorr Foundation

Students in King´s College La Moraleja took part in a charity project cooperating with Glorr Foundation. Through this foundation, they were given the chance to help other educational centres, social services and AMPA.
The main objective was to contribute to reduction of poverty and inequality suffered by the child population in our country and to avoid that differences do not negatively affect the integral educational development of our minors and facilitate their social integration. The foundation sent the collected clothes and footwear, baby supplies (cots, highchairs, strollers, etc.) of the campaign to canteens and schools.
Here some opinions of our students about the initiative and their feeling after cooperating:
  • Ana Arrabal: ¨I felt really good giving people some of the clothes I had because I know they need it more than me. I wish they like it¨.
  • Sofía García: ¨ I was feeling very generous and also very happy donating a part of the clothes I had, thinking that it might make other children happier as well, hopefully helping them¨.
Thanks to all King’s College staff, students and parents for contributing generously to the successful initiative.

Word Mania - King's College School La Moraleja

The English Department are proud to have launched the Word Mania! competition in school. This is an international competition that pits children, in both primary and secondary, against those from countries around the world, in a literacy based online game. All students are able to access the game.  Students who win the competition will be rewarded with a prize and vouchers to spend on items for the school. The practice rounds have begun with Round 1 proper starting in early November. Further information, including student logins, can be found on the English Challenges Google Classroom (la4xby6). Any queries can be sent to Mr Newton.

Year 3 were treated to a special Science lesson yesterday lead by Sofia - the Head Girl!

Year 3 were treated to a special Science lesson yesterday lead by Sofia - the Head Girl!! They learned all about Genetics, where Sofia explained to them about DNA, eye colour and genes.
The children loved it -  particularly the group work where they completed a quiz using the ipads.
We think Sofia may have a future career in teaching....!