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Year 5 Science Trip

Today, we went to the science museum. It was very exciting and well organised. First, we entered the museum and went to see all the projects they had. The projects were amazing! There were machines that made bubbles, others for hypnotising and lots more. After that, we went outside to eat our packed lunches. There was yummy food and we played some games. Then, we entered the museum again to go to the planetarium. It was so fun! We watched a movie that made us learn about the planets in the solar system, the rotation of the earth and about the North and South Pole. After we exited the planetarium, we went back to the exposition to play with the projects for a bit longer. It was the best trip ever!
Lucia, 5Z.

Art Work

In Early years our pupils are involved in Child Initiated Learning. They get lots of chances to explore and develop their learning in all areas.

Remembrance Day

Our pupils worked on Art activities for Remembrance Day. We had one minute silence which enabled them to reflect.

AOBSO Conference

Sir Roger Fry opened the AoBSO ( Association of British Schools Overseas)Conference at the Richmond Hill hotel in London. His reflection on how AoBSO has developed over the years was interesting and it seems to be moving form strength to strength.

Information evening

Year 11 parents are invited to attend an information evening, led by our colleagues from Soto, about academic pathways for year 12 and 13. This will take place in the school hall on Tuesday November 26th from 16.45.

A polite reminder to all parents that year 11 written mock examinations begin on Monday November 25th.

COBIS Student Leadership weekend

Last weekend our Heads Boys and Girls took part in the COBIS Student Leadership weekend. This was a fantastic experience which developed their own leadership capabilities and international contacts. They will soon be sharing their experiences in a school assembly.