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A Day in Nursery Bees

In Bees class we have been enjoying stories about food. We have already read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Oliver’s Fruit Salad”. This week we have been exploring different types of fruit. We had a fantastic tasting session in which we used our senses to describe the smell, feel and taste of the fruit. This helped us to build up our vocabulary, our self confidence and allowed us to try healthy foods. The children were very brave and tried everything!We also used fruit to help us with our maths learning. We used two different types of fruit to make repeating patterns. Then we ate the fruit afterwards!To help with our technology learning, we used a “Zoomy” to look at magnified images of fruit and drew our observations.

Primary House Competition

This term, pupils have taken part in a variety of skill based house competitions. We have looked at basketball free throw and lay up shooting as well as football penalties and headers & volleys. Pupils also competed in two fitness tests, the 12 minute Cooper Test and the 30m Sprint Test, all of which provided some phenomenal results. They competed as individuals, classes and houses to score as many points, goals, laps and quickest time that they could. Scores were then collated and added together with the winning house for each event gaining 4 points, second gaining 3, third gaining two and fourth gaining one.

The overall results are as follows:

Shield (Red) - 24 points

Crown (Green) - 15 points

Knight (Blue) - 14 points

Lion (Yellow) - 7 points

A great winning effort from Shield who managed to achieve first place in all of the events! Well done to all that competed and I look forward to the next competitions!



Secondary Pupil Sporting Success

This week in our newsletter we would like to congratulate our Secondary pupils on their sporting success:

Ana J from Year 7 is in the Club Gimnasia Ritmica Algete. Normally she trains 3 days a week 4 hours each (from 5pm to 9pm), but before competitions she also trains on Saturdays and Sundays around 3 hours each. Ana was selected for the Spanish National Championships in Valencia where she finished 35th in a very strong and competitive field.

Ariadna G from Year 9 (bottom right) has been competing in artistic swimming (previously known as synchronised swimming) with Real Canoe Madrid for over seven years. She finished 12th in the recent Madrid Championships but is still a year younger than most girls. She has since gone on to compete in the Spanish Championships where she finished 56th in the U15 girls but was ranked 17th in her year group.

It is also worth mentionin in this section our primary student, Toby from Year 4, who recently competed in the Madrid Communidad Indoor Skiing Championships where he finished 1st in both the Mini Giant Slalom and Slalom. He trains six hours every week and has attended training camps on glaciers in France and Italy earlier in the year.




Friendship in Pre-Nursery

Our focus in Pre Nursery this week has been friendship. We have been talking about the importance of being kind to one another and how that helps us to develop good relationships. To reinforce the meaning of friendship the children participated in a ‘Friendship Colour Mixing’ activity. They each chose a partner to work with to investigate how two separate colours become one when mixed together. The children picked a colour and decorated a piece of paper with handprints and then joined their hands together to create a different colour. They loved the sensory aspect of this activity and the chance to experiment and get messy. It was lovely to see the children being so comfortable working alongside each other, developing the essential skills that are needed to form positive friendships.

Science in Year 6


This week in Year 6 Science, we have been learning about Classification Keys! We used our knowledge from our Living Things topic to create scientific questions to classify different animals! Can you use our keys to find out the similarities and differences between our animals?

Year 7 Art Still Life


Year 7 started this term looking closely at the elements of art with a focus on line, tone and form. Through analysis, pupils explored this through still life gaining a better understanding of how the direction of a light sourcei mpacts on the shadows and highlights. Pupils chose which still-life arrangement  to draw from. These are some of the outcomes produced. The next topic year 7 are looking at is perspective drawing, which aims to develop pupils skills in accuracy and precision.