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Lovely Tutor Time in Year 6 Wombats

During tutor time, the Wombats in Y6 discussed the importance of friendship and what the secret ingredients are to being a true friend. A sprinkle of trust, 4 cups of honesty, 500g of helpfulness and a lot of patience!

Art and Space in Year 1 Parrots

In Parrot Class, we looked at the art by Alma Woodsey Thomas as part of Black History Month.
We linked this art to our Topic 'Space' and created our own Planet artwork in the style of Alma Thomas. To create her dotted style we used pieces of Lego! 

First House Competition

Year 7 competed in our first Secondary sports competition of the year; House Basketball on Wednesday. Rather than playing matches we used a format of skills based challenges of; lay ups, free throws and set shots which reinforces the learning we are doing in lessons. Year 7 displayed a really positive attitude and the competition was close. Results will be announced in assembly on Tuesday. Twelve Year 8 students also displayed excellent leadership skills in managing the event. Year 8 and 9 skills based House Basketball will follow over the next couple of weeks.

Science in Year 2 Pelicans

This week in Science, Year 2 investigated the properties and uses of materials. We discussed questions like “would jelly be a good spoon?” And “Would you wear a metal jacket?” The children then selected the materials that were best suited for their tasks. 
The children made links to prior knowledge and demonstrated a love for learning as they had great conversations with each other about the task. The children were also given materials and resources to touch and read to further their learning and scientific conversations!

Year 9 Art: Applying Mark Marking to Botanical Flowers

Mark making is a term used to describe the different lines, patterns, and textures we create in a piece of art. It applies to any art material on any surface, not only paint on canvas or pencil on paper.

A Week in Year 2 Ducks

This week Y2 Ducks have been getting creative. Last week we learnt about how to mix colours to get the secondary colours. This week we built on this learning to make tertiary colours. There was great discussion from all of the children about  about what mixing the different colours would create. We are excited to use this learning in our next art lesson. 


A Week in Year 4 Badgers


This week in Year 4 we have been exploring a whole

range of new subjects and different learning!

We’ve been exploring new knowledge about Ancient Egypt and how the Nile was a ´gift´to the Ancient Egyptians! We created some notes, with pictures and did some research together and have been writing up some reports in our neatest handwriting!

We’ve been using concrete resources in our mathematics to help our understanding of different maths concepts this week! Comparing them to Lacasitos really helped some of them really develop some better understanding! Yum! 

In Science, after looking closely at the different teeth types we have, we’ve been looking at how to keep our teeth healthy as well and discussing what happens if we don’t take good care of them too!

English in Year 3 Panthers

During English lessons, 3N have been learning about poetry. Each Panther was given one line of a Dr Seuss poem to read aloud with as much expression as possible. We then performed the poem as a whole class!