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Art in Year 10

In recent weeks year 10 have been working on a "reflections in our home" project. Looking at artists and photographers such as Christain Metzner. Pupils have been drawing examples of his work and using his inspiration to take a range of their own "reflection in glass" photographs and represent these through drawing observations.. Please find some stunning examples from Mencia in year 10 below!

What We Have Been Up To In Year 1 Zebra Class

In Zebra Class we have been learning all about plants!  We have been looking at a variety of flowers and have been learning about the function of their different parts and what they need to grow. We have learnt the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees and wild flowers and garden flowers. Some children have also grown their own plants and are enjoying talking about how they are changing each week. Manuel grew black bean seeds and described how he was taking care of his plant, ‘I put water on and got soil from my garden. I put them on the table outside to catch some sun. I treat it well!’ Olivia has planted some watermelon seeds and said ‘I left it in my garden to get sun and wind. I didn’t put soil in because I planted it using cotton wool! Martina found some beautiful flowers on her trip outside with her family and Pablo grew some lentils in a jar and recorded the different stages of growth.

Some children have also enjoyed going on their own plant hunts and taking pictures of the plants we have discussed in class.





Year 7 Biomee Project

Year 7 did some amazing biome models in Geography. The pictures are from Mercedes B, Amaya C, Mario M. They also had to do presentations about what we can do to help protect the environment and reduce effects of climate change. Yago D was being questioned at the end and just off the cuff suggested that in a trips week or just one day we should participate in a clean-up operation in the area to decontaminate rivers or something! This was lovely to hear and a fantastic suggestion. 

This Week in Reception Class

In Reception we have started a new topic ‘Minibeasts’ and so far we have been learning about the ladybird. The children have been learning about the lifecycle of a ladybird and they have thoroughly enjoyed drawing other minibeasts too! 

Year 4 Solar System Proyect in Ciencia Sociales


What We Have Been Up To In Leopard Class

In Topic, we have been learning all about natural disasters. We became news reporters, reporting live on the scene from various areas around the world!
We’ve taken reading to the next level - please see the photos attached to see the extreme spots we found in our houses to enjoy our books!
We've just started a new book in English, called Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Jules Verne, the author of our book, imagined the Earth's interior was filled with rivers, oceans, dinosaurs and giant mushrooms! Wow!
In maths, we have been learning about money and time. I wonder what we could buy with all the money we have been learning about...
In our creative and wellbeing sessions, we have been exploring all sorts of things including yoga, exercise, magic tricks and baking. Today we are going to try a carrot cake... photos to follow! We've also been compiling 5 top tips for staying positive during quarantine. I’ve been so impressed with all of the ideas!

English in Year 3 Koalas

This week in English we have started looking at myths and legends. We have been learning about different myths by different cultures from all around the world. We have been finding lots of similarities within the different myths even though they were created thousands of years ago, long before they could be shared globally.
In science we did some interesting experiments at home about seed dispersal. We looked out how seeds can be dispersed mechanically, in water, by animals and by the wind. We made up our own videos showing the processes for each way of seed dispersal and had a lot of fun doing this!

Activities in the Primary Spanish Department

During the month of April, from the Spanish in Primary school we have carried out some fun and creative activities with which the children have developed their creativity, attention, mental agility and motor skills.
On the occasion of the book day, we have created bookmarks with different themes: animals, monsters and other fun characters. Children demonstrated their artistic skills by designing their own characters.
On the other hand, to celebrate Mother's Day, we have made some flowers and bouquets to express our love and affection for her. As you can see in the images, the children have shown great creativity and care in their work.
Miss Algar and Miss García