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Can You See Sound?


In Leopard Class we have been experimenting with sound. We have used rice, a drum and a very loud sound to find out that you can in fact see sound because of the vibrations that occur. 

We have also been writing some fabulous poetry using simile, metaphor and personification. Check out our class page for some wonderful examples!

In Maths we have learnt to divide a 1 digit number by 10. It's not easy, but the Leopards have persevered. Last week, we even used chocolate to help use to break up whole numbers!




Newsbites from Mr Gonzalez

Past week, in the Secondary school…


In Lengua, Year 11 were presenting monologues or dialogues based on aphorisms. They chose these philosophical sentences among some written by the spanish writer Benjamín Prado, and wrote their texts in different fashions, from the most intellectual to the humorous ones. The students practised their oral communication skills through fluent thinking, connection finding and critical thinking, and then built their self-confidence when representing them in front of their peers.

In Sociales, Year 11 made some research about artistic styles from the 19th century. They used multi-step problem solving to develop their presentations, connection finding in order to link them to their historical knowledge, and needed intellectual confidence to explain the examples from their researches to the rest of their classmates when showing the results of their work.

In Sociales, Year 10, the students where finishing their long-term projects about creating commercial companies which work in the three economic sectors. For three months, they have been researching, making decisions and building their companies in order to make them as realistic as possible. They have implemented most of the ACPs in the HPL way of learning, and the websites they have produced as the result of their projects look so real and have got such a high quality level that one could think these companies do exist and that online orders can be made!

Year 5 make African Fruit Salad!

Clouds of Kindness

In Nursery Giraffes we have started to learn to describe ourselves and other people in positive terms. Every week we choose three classmates to give compliments to. We sit together and tell them why we love them. These children also have to say nice things about themselves!
We then write them all down on raindrop templates, attach the drops to a cloud and create a Clouds of Kindness display.
This activity encourages children -and adults- to be kind to each other and to think in positive and constructive ways. It also boosts children’s selfesteem and promotes well being. 
While being kind might sound easy, it is a complex skill that requires practice:
"Kindness and empathy are social-emotional skills that lay the foundation upon which academic learning and healthy behavior take place. We can teach kindness because being kind is a social skill and social skills can be taught. When children feel emotionally safe, appreciated, respected and listened to, they learn better." Dr Lynne Kenney  

Bear Class learn how to play musical instruments outdoors

This week the children in Bear Class (Reception) have been exploring our playground to find the musical instruments. We then took it in turns to create our own music on the xylophone and we each created different sounds - it as great to listen to.

Year 4 Science

In science, they have been investigating whether materials are solids, liquids or gases.

Conscience Alley

Year 4 have been developing their debating skills and persuasive language through the use of a conscience alley to consider both sides of an argument.